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 01/2010   O. Thomys   Asymptotic Behavior of Capillary Problems Governed by Disjoining Pressure Potentials: Circular Capillary Tube, Horizontal Wall, Parallel Walls (ps, pdf
 02/2010   O. Thomys   Asymptotic Behaviour of Capillary Problems Governed by Disjoining Pressure Potentials: Corner (ps, pdf
 03/2010   H.-J. Girlich   Emanuel Czuber (1851 - 1925) und die statistischen Forschungsmethoden (ps, pdf
 04/2010   H.-J. Girlich   Zur Entwicklung der mathematischen Statistik in den Dreißigerjahren des 20. Jahrhunderts (ps, pdf


 01/2009   O. Thomys   On the Uniqueness of the Solution of the Capillary Problem in Porous Materials (ps, pdf
 02/2009   H.-J. Girlich   Über Wege zu ersten mathematischen Fachzeitschriften in Europa (ps, pdf
 03/2009   H.-J. Girlich   Streiflichter auf die Mathematik an der 600-jährigen Alma mater Lipsiensis (ps, pdf
 04/2009   M. Günther; G. Prokert   Existence of Front Solutions for a Nonlocal Transport Problem Describing Gas Ionization (ps, pdf
 05/2009   H.-J. Girlich   Christian Wolff (1679 - 1754) und die mathematischen Wissenschaften (ps, pdf


 01/2008   C. Schneider   On Dilation Operators in Besov Spaces (ps, pdf
 02/2008   H.-J. Girlich; K.-H. Schlote   Zur Entwicklung der Mathematik als Wissenschaft und Institution an der Universität Leipzig (ps, pdf
 03/2008   C. Schneider   Trace Operators in Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces (ps, pdf


 01/2007   H.-J. Girlich; K.-H. Schlote   Die Entwicklung der Mathematik an der Universität Leipzig (ps, pdf
 02/2007   E. Miersemann   Kapillarflächen (ps, pdf
 03/2007   M. Günther; G. Prokert   A Justification for the Thin Film Approximation of Stokes Flow with Surface Tension (ps, pdf
 04/2007   S. Orlik   Equivariant Vector Bundles on Drinfeld's Upper Half Space (ps, pdf
 05/2007   H.-J. Girlich   Süßmilch und Euler - zwei kooperierende Stammväter der Demographie in Deutschland (ps, pdf
 06/2007   S. Orlik; M. Strauch   On the Irreducibility of Locally Analytic Principal Series Representations (ps, pdf
 07/2007   M. Günther; G. Prokert   On Travelling-wave Solutions for a Moving-boundary Problem of Hele-Shaw Type (ps, pdf
 08/2007   S. Orlik   The Fundamental Group of Period Domains over Finite Fields (ps, pdf


 01/2006   H. Freistühler; P. Szmolyan   Spectral Stability of Small-amplitude Viscous Shock Waves in Several Space Dimensions (ps, pdf
 02/2006   H.-J. Girlich   Felix Burkhardt (1888 - 1973) (ps, pdf


 01/2005   I. Gavrilyuk; I. Lukovsky; Yu. Trotsenko; A. Timokha   The Fluid Sloshing in a Vertical Circular Cylindrical Tank with a Rigid-ring Baffle II(ps, pdf
 02/2005   H.-B. Rademacher   Existence of Closed Geodesics on Positively Curved Finsler Manifolds (ps, pdf
 03/2005   M. Günther; G. Prokert   Well-posedness and Stability for a Third-order Hele-Shaw Problem with Convected Surface Energy Density (ps, pdf
 04/2005   H.-J. Girlich   Johann Radon in Breslau (ps, pdf
 05/2005   S. Orlik   The Continuous Cohomology of Period Domains over Local Fields (ps, pdf


 01/2004   K. Beyer; M. Günther   Dynamical Stability of Compressible Drops and Stars (ps, pdf
 02/2004   S. Orlik   On Extensions of Generalized Steinberg Representations (ps, pdf
 03/2004   F. Leitner   A Note on Twistor Spinors with Zeros in Lorentzian Geometry (ps, pdf
 04/2004   F. Leitner   Conformal Holonomy of Bi-invariant Metrics (ps, pdf
 05/2004   M. Günther; G. Prokert   On a Hele-Shaw Type Domain Evolution with Convected Surface Energy Density (ps, pdf
 06/2004   I. Gavrilyuk; I. Lukovsky; Yu. Trotsenko; A. Timokha   The Fluid Sloshing in a Vertical Circular Cylindrical Tank with a Rigid-ring Baffle I(ps, pdf
 07/2004   H.-J. Girlich   Lomnicki - Steinhaus - Kolmogorov: Steps to a Modern Probability Theory (ps, pdf


 01/2003   H.-J. Girlich   Between Paris and Linköping: Applications of Integral Transforms to Planning and Finance (ps, pdf
 02/2003   S. Orlik   On Harder-Narasimhan Strata in Flag Manifolds (ps, pdf
 03/2003   M. Listing   Sectional Curvature Rigidity of Asymptotically Hyperbolic Manifolds (ps, pdf
 04/2003   M. Listing   Rigidity of the Quaternionic Hyperbolic Space (ps, pdf
 05/2003   M. Listing   Rigidity of Hyperbolic Product Manifolds (ps, pdf
 06/2003   W. Kühnel; H.-B. Rademacher   Conformal Geometry of Gravitational Plane Waves (ps, pdf
 07/2003   R. Gunesch   Precise Asymptotics for Periodic Orbits of the Geodesic Flow in Nonpositive Curvature (ps, pdf
 08/2003   H.-J. Girlich   A. N. Kolmogoroff (1903 - 1987) und die Ursprünge der Theorie Stochastischer Prozesse(ps, pdf
 09/2003   K. Beyer; M. Günther; A. Timokha   Averaging and Finite Element Analysis of Rapidly Forced Free Boundary Flows (ps, pdf
 10/2003   F. Schlenk   Applications of Hofer's Geometry to Hamiltonian Dynamics (ps, pdf


 01/2002   A. Huber; G. Kings   Bloch-Kato Conjecture and Main Conjecture of Iwasawa Theory for Dirichlet Characters (ps, pdf
 02/2002   S. Orlik   The Cohomology of Period Domains for Reductive Groups over Local Fields (ps, pdf
 03/2002   H.-J. Girlich   Bachelier's Predecessors (ps, pdf
 04/2002   H.-B. Rademacher   A Sphere Theorem for Non-reversible Finsler Metrics (ps, pdf
 05/2002   H.-J. Girlich   Bachelier's Predecessors (ps, pdf


 01/2001   H.-J. Girlich   Transaction Costs in Finance and Inventory Research (ps, pdf
 02/2001   M. Günther; G. Prokert   On Stokes Flow with Variable and Degenerate Surface Tension Coefficient (ps, pdf
 03/2001   M. Scholz   Generalized Solutions of the Capillary Problem (ps, pdf
 04/2001   M. Scholz   An Attempt to Explain the Ascent of Sap in Defoliated Trees (ps, pdf
 05/2001   M. Scholz   On the Asymptotic Behaviour of Capillary Surfaces in Cusps (ps, pdf


 01/2000   M. Listing   Conformal Einstein Spaces in n Dimensions (ps, pdf
 02/2000   H. Schumann   Zum Gedenken an Erich Kähler (ps, pdf
 03/2000   W. Kühnel; H.-B. Rademacher   Conformal Ricci Collineations of Space-times (ps, pdf
 04/2000   I. Heckenberger; A. Schüler   De Rham Cohomology and Hodge Decomposition for Quantum Groups (ps, pdf
 05/2000   I. Heckenberger; A. Schüler   On FRT-Clifford Algebras (ps, pdf


 01/1999   W. Kühnel; H.-B. Rademacher   Asymptotically Euclidean ends of Ricci flat manifolds and conformal inversions (ps, pdf
 02/1999   H.-J. Girlich; A. Chikán  The Origins of Dynamic Inventory Modelling under Uncertainty (ps, pdf