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Mathematics for Physicists 1

The results of the retake are now available here, the solutions are here.
You may see your work after the lecture on Wednesday, April 6.

Lectures: Mondays 9:15-10:45, Wednesdays 11:00-12:30. Office hours: Appointment by email.
In order to be admitted to the exam, it is necessary to score at least 30% of total points for homeworks.

Teaching assistant: Murat Saglam (email: saglamurat(at)

Syllabus (of last year's course).

Solutions to the last year's exam and retake.


February 15, 2016, 10:00-12:00, ThHs.

List of students admitted to the exam.


The final mark is based on the exam work, with some bonus points added for good homework grades. Those who got 6.0 have not passed and may come to the second exam. Those who did not attend the exam (marked with "NE") should ask Studienbuero for permission to take the second exam. If you are not satisfied with your mark and would like to take the second exam, you may ask for that, but then your current grade will be set to 6.0. (Thus, if you fail the second time, you will not get your current mark back.) You may see your exam works on February 16, 17:00-18:00 in my office.


April 4, 13:00-15:00, SR 532 (Linnéstr. 5, 3rd floor).

List of students admitted to the retake.

Any use of lecture notes, books, computers, smartphones, etc is not allowed during the retake.


Homeworks should be submitted by specified dates. If your matriculation number is smaller than 3717000, then you should hand in your homeworks to me. Otherwise, hand in to the teaching assistant. Homework grades: Part 1, Part 2.

Week 1: 1, 2 (by 23.10.2015)

Week 2: 1, 2 (by 30.10.2015)

Week 3: 1, 2 (by 06.11.2015)

Week 4: 1, 2 (by 13.11.2015)

Week 5: 1, 2 (by 20.11.2015)

Week 6: 1 (by 27.11.2015)

Week 7: 1, 2 (by 04.12.2015)

Week 8: 1 (by 11.12.2015)

Week 9: 1 (by 18.12.2015)

Week 10: 1, 2 (by 08.01.2016)

Week 11: 1 (by 15.01.2016)

Week 12: 1 (by 22.01.2016)

Week 13: 1 (by 29.01.2016)

Week 14: 1 (by 05.02.2016)

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