Tatjana (Tanja) Eisner

Professor, University of Leipzig

Postal address
Institute of Mathematics, University of Leipzig
P.O. Box 100 920, 04009 Leipzig, Germany
Visiting address Office A 427, Augustusplatz 10, 04109 Leipzig (map)
Phone (Fax) +49 341 97 32167   (+49 341 97 32187)
eisner @ math.uni-leipzig.de

School on higher order Fourier analysis and combinatorial ergodic theory
Women in Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory
Workshop "Dynamics and Number Theory''
12th Workshop "Operator Theoretic Aspects of Ergodic Theory"
XLIV Dynamics Days Europe
Conference and Summer School "NU Trends in Ergodic Theory"
Workshop and Summer School on Applied Analysis 2024

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Main Research Interests

  • functional analysis/ operator theory
  • dynamical systems/ ergodic theory

Curriculum Vitae


Tanja Eisner, Bálint Farkas, A Journey through Ergodic Theorems, submitted.

Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Springer, 2015. 628 pp.
(Here you can find a draft version.)

Tanja Eisner
Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, Vol. 209.
Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, 2010. 204 pp.
(Here you can find a draft version.)

Tanja Eisner, Birgit Jacob, André Ran, Hans Zwart (eds.)
Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, Birkhäuser Verlag, 2016.


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  2. (with Agnes Radl) Embeddability of real and positive operators, Linear Multilinear Algebra 70 (2022), 3747-3767. [arXiv]
  3. (with Zoltán Buczolich) Divergence of weighted square averages in L1, Adv. Math. 384 (2021), Paper No. 107727, 19 pp. [arXiv]
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Papers in proceedings

  1. (with Rainer Nagel) Arithmetic progressions - an operator theoretic view, Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. Series S, 6 (2013), 657-667.
  2. (with Bálint Farkas) Weak stability of orbits of C0-semigroups on Banach spaces. In H. Amann, W. Arendt, M. Hieber, F. Neubrander, S. Nicaise, J. von Below (eds), Functional Analysis and Evolution Equations. The Günter Lumer Volume (2007), 201-208. [pdf-file]


  • Rigidity of contractions on Hilbert spaces. [arXiv]

Some Teaching


Study/career advice from Anton Deitmar and Terence Tao
n-City-Seminar     "Dynamics and Geometry" Seminar     Functional Analysis Group
Journal for Analysis and Its Applications     Max Planck Institute for Math. in the Sciences
Miniworkshops on Operator Theoretic Aspects of Ergodic Theory ( Leipzig, Kiel, Wuppertal, Tübingen, Feldkirch, Leipzig, Wuppertal, Kiel)
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