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Mathematics for Physicists 3


You may see your exam work on 10.04.2018, 16:00-17:00 in my office.
If you are not satisfied with the grade and would rather do a retake, let me know until the evening of 12.04.2018 and I will reset your grade to 5.0.

This is the follow-up course to Mathematics for Physicists 1 and 2.

Syllabus of the same course given last year is HERE


Lectures: Mondays 15:15--16:45 in ThHS and Wednesdays 13:30--15:00 in ThHS (Linnestr. 5).

Office hours: Appointment by email, A409 (Augusteum).

Seminars: Thursdays 7:30--9:00 in SR532 or Fridays 9:15--10:45 in SR532. Teaching assistant: Jonathan Wernersson.

EXAM: Monday 19.02.2018, 10:00--12:00, ThHS (Linnestr. 5) LIST OF STUDENTS ADMITTED TO EXAM, EXAM RESULTS, EXAM SOLUTIONS.
RETAKE: Friday 06.04.2018, 10:00--12:00, SR532 (Linnestr. 5)

Any use of lecture notes, books, computers, smartphones, etc is not allowed during the exam. In order to be admitted to the exam, it is necessary to score at least 50% of total homework points.


Homeworks should be submitted by specified dates. In order to be admitted to the exam, it is necessary to score at least 50% of total points. HOMEWORK GRADES.

Week 1: HOMEWORK (by 18.10.2017)

Week 2: HOMEWORK (by 25.10.2017)

Week 3: HOMEWORK (by 01.11.2017)

Week 4: HOMEWORK (by 08.11.2017)

Week 5: HOMEWORK (by 15.11.2017)

Week 6-7: HOMEWORK (by 29.11.2017)

Week 8: HOMEWORK (by 06.12.2017)

Week 9: HOMEWORK (by 13.12.2017)

Week 10: HOMEWORK (by 03.01.2018)

Week 11: HOMEWORK (by 10.01.2018)

Week 12: HOMEWORK (by 17.01.2018)

Week 13: HOMEWORK (by 24.01.2018)

Week 14: HOMEWORK (by 31.01.2018)

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