Lukasz Grabowski

I am Professor for Theoretical Mathematics in the Maths Institute of Leipzig University. My research interests include All my articles and preprints can be found on arxiv.

Prospective PhD students

If you are a prospective PhD student interested in working with me, please feel free to get in touch to discuss potential PhD projects.

Information about funding and application process are at this link.

Mathe-Zirkel for School pupils

In the summer semester 2023-24 I run meetings for school pupils focussed on math olympiad problems and techniques. The meetings are in german, on Fridays, roughly every two weeks - please send me an email to confirm the next date if you would like to participate. These are organised in cooperation with LSGM, and are meant for years 8-12.

Some downloads

Slide from my talk in Bonn about unimodular random graphs, May 2024

Lecture notes for 4 introductory lectures on L2-invariants and Atiyah conjecutre (ICMat, Madrid 2018)

Temporary area for materials for the Algebraic Topology course SS 2023-24 (until the moodle page is set up): slides 01 slides 02 Notes for the first few lectures

Group members

Currently my group includes All of them are excellent seminar speakers and would be delighted if you were to invite them to give a talk!

Former group members


Postal address:
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Mathematisches Institut
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D-04009 Leipzig

Office: A511, Neues Augusteum (Augustusplatz 10)

Phone: +49-(0)341-97-32171

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