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Institute of Mathematics
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Linux MiniPC: Software after the Debian 11 update

Desktop environments

  • At the login screen (after entering your username and pressing enter or tab) you can select between different graphical desktop environments:
    Gnome3, Gnome-flashback, Mate, Cinnamon, KDE-Plasma, XFCE

Web browser

  • In addition to Firefox and Chromium (that is essentially Google Chrome without the tracking) there are some additional browsers installed. Have a look at vivaldi.

Mathematical software

  • Mathematica, Maple, Matlab, Macaulay2, Pari/GP, SageMath, Octave, Scilab, wxMaxima, Polymake, Geogebra, ...

  • Please ask em if some open source software you need is missing.


  • Besides the usual Linux/Unix editors vi, emacs, gedit, pluma,... we have now also Visual Studio Code installed.

Working with PDF documents

  • Forms: The best choice for forms to fill are the document viewers okular and evince or the old acroread (last version acrobat provided for Linux from 2013)
  • The densify tool is great at reducing the size of pdf documents. This may be helpful if the printer fails to print a particular pdf document or for uploading/sending by e-mail.
  • pdfgrep can search inside pdf documents like unix grep searches in text files
  • Utilities like PDF Studio Viewer, PDFSam, PDFjam, PDFtk allow to split and merge PDF documents and to extract, rotate, crop pages etc.