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  • Your mail address has the form

    where your name is ASCIIfied in some way. In old Unix tradition, mail sent to

    will also find your inbox. (But the From field in outgoing mails always uses the long address form.)
  • You may change the string that appears as "real name" in the From field of your address here.

Mail Client Configuration

    Beware that your username for authentication is not your mail address but your login name.
  • Receiving mail (IMAP Server):

    server: mail.math.uni-leipzig.de
    protocol: IMAP/IMAPS
    port: 993
    encryption: SSL/TLS
    authentication: password
  • Sending/outgoing mail (SMTP Server):

    server: mail.math.uni-leipzig.de
    protocol: SMTP/SMTPS
    port: 465
    encryption: SSL/TLS
    authentication: password
  • We have also an Web Mail Service.


  • Incoming mail is filtered for spam and viruses in several steps by the URZ and by our mail server.
  • Please be very cautious of phishing emails! Don't click a link in the mail, don't answer!