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Network printers

Central network printers in room A305

• queue p1

Lexmark MS811

B/W laser printer

• queue p2

Lexmark CS510de

Color laser printer

• queue p3

Lexmark MS811

B/W laser printer

• queue p8

Lexmark C925dtn
Color laser printer
(queue p8a3 for A3 one-sided printing)

• queue p9

TASKalfa 4053ci

Color laser printer/copier

Other central network printers

On the 4. floor, near room A425

• queue p4

Lexmark MS811

B/W laser printer

In room P514

• queue p5

Lexmark MS811

B/W laser printer

In room A514

• queue p6

Lexmark MS811

B/W laser printer

Printing with Linux

The central printing system uses CUPS, the Common Unix Printing System.
  • lpr -P<queue> file.pdf
      (e.g.: lpr -Pp1 file.pdf)    print file
  • lpr -P<queue> -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble file.pdf
      double sided printing for long edge binding (default on most printers)
  • lpr -P<queue> -o Duplex=DuplexTumble file.pdf
       double sided printing for short edge binding
  • lpr -P<queue> -o Duplex=None file.pdf
      print one-sided
  • lpq -P<queue>
      show jobs in queue
  • lpstat -o
        show all local queues
  • lpstat -h printserver -o
        show all queues on the remote print server
  • lprm -P<queue> <job-id>
       cancel print job
  • lpstat -t
      show all known queues
  • lpoptions -d <queue>
      set default queue
  • lpstat -d
       show default queue

Printing with Windows

In a MS Windows PC inside our local network you may install access to a network printer by adding a printer with the URL
for example:

Web printing

You may also upload a PDF file for printing on one of printers above using this form