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Mathematischen Institut
- Intranet -

Computer accounts at our Institute and at the university

Basically, you have 2 different computer accounts for 2 different IT structures:

  • one from the central IT department (URZ) for all university services
  • one for the local services of our institute and faculty
Both come with an e-mail account.
It is important to read both mail accounts!
Please configure some forwarding from one account to the other.

University account

  • Your university account is of the form xy12abcde@uni-leipzig.de.
  • Use it for all central services of the university including:
  • This account includes a mail address of the form firstname.lastname@uni-leipzig.de. You can access this mail account e.g. by the central web mailer mail.uni-leipzig.de.
  • Some of those services (EduRoam, Moodle, media computer) expect the long form of the user name with the @uni-leipzig.de part, but some (AlmaWeb, web mail) need the short form without this part.
  • Any questions about the university account should be directed to the URZ Servicedesk

Institute account

  • Your account at the institute of mathematics looks like an lowercase ASCII version of your last name.
  • It is used for services inside the institute or faculty, e.g.,
    • Login to the Linux MiniPCs in the offices,
    • Login to protected webpages of the institute and faculty,
    • Login to some of our Webservices like BigBlueButton,
    • Adding events to our Web calendar, etc...
  • This account includes a mail address of the form
    The 'classical' form
    accountname@math.uni-leipzig.de works, too.
  • More info about this mail account can be found here.
  • The only way to successfully change your password for this account is through this web page.

Set up of mail forwarding at the University web mailer

You may set up forwarding from your @uni-leipzig.de address to e.g. your @math.uni-leipzig.de in the following way:
  • Log into the university webmailer:

     go to 'mail' -> 'vacation'
     enter forwarding address
     uncheck "keep a copy"
     check "forward only non-spam"
     check "activate"
     press "Submit"