Forschung und Preprints

Symplektisches Seminar

DFG-Projekte (im Rahmen des Schwerpunktprogramms SPP 1154, Globale Differentialgeometrie):

  • Analysis of Floer Homology (SCHW 892/2-1, SCHW 892/2-2, SCHW 892/2-3)
  • Singularities of Lagrangian Mean Curvature Flow (zusammen mit PD Dr. Knut Smoczyk) (SCHW 892/1-1)
  • Construction of Functoriality for Floer Homology (SCHW 892/3-1)

Workshop "Symplectic Field Theory I" in Leipzig vom 14.-20. Mai 2005
Workshop "Symplectic Field Theory II" in Leipzig vom 5.-11. August 2006
Workshop "Symplectic Field Theory III" in Berlin vom 19.-25. Juli 2008
Workshop "Symplectic Field Theory IV" in München vom 4.-10. Juli 2009
Workshop "Symplectic Field Theory V" in Hamburg vom 22.-26. August 2011


DAAD-Vigoni-Projekt gemeinsam mit A. Abbondandolo (Univ. Pisa), "Floer homology, loop space topology and polarizations", 2009-10


Mitglied des Research Networking Programme (RNP)   CAST - Contact and Symplectic Topology  der European Science Foundation (ESF), 2010-15

Recent Preprints

  • A. Abbondandolo and M. Schwarz, On product structures in Floer homology of cotangent bundles preprint MPI MIS no. 76, 2010.
  • A. Abbondandolo and M. Schwarz, Estimates and computations in Rabinowitz-Floer homology preprint MPI MIS no. 31, 2009. appeared in: J. Topol. Anal. 1 (2009), no. 4, 307-405.
  • A. Abbondandolo, A. Portaluri and M. Schwarz, The homology of path spaces and Floer homology with conormal boundary conditions, preprint MPI MIS no. 61, 2008. appeared in: J. fixed point theory appl. 4 (2008), no. 2, 263--293.
  • R.L. Cohen and M. Schwarz, A Morse theoretic description of string topology, preprint MPI MIS no. 58, 2008. appeared in: New Perspectives and Challenges in Symplectic Field Theory (Providence, RI) (L. Polterovich M. Abreu, F. Lalonde, ed.), CRM Proceedings and Lecture Notes, vol. 49, American Mathematical Society, 2009, pp. 147-172.
  • A. Abbondandolo and M. Schwarz, Floer homology of cotangent bundles and the loop product, preprint MPI MIS no. 41, 2008. appeared in: Geom. Top. 14 (2010), no. 3, 1569--1722.
  • A. Abbondandolo and M. Schwarz, On the Floer homology of cotangent bundles, arxiv:math.SG/0408280    appeared in Comm. Pure Appl. Math.
  • A.Abbondandolo and M. Schwarz, Notes on Floer homology and loop space homology, appeared in the volume "Morse theoretical methods in nonlinear analysis and symplectic geometry", NATO Summer School, Montreal 2004, P. Biran, O. Cornea, and F. Lalonde Eds, Kluwer, Dordrech.

My PhD-Thesis from 1995: Due to occasional requests, I make my PhD thesis available here as a PDF-File. A major expansion and partial rewriting is in progress. I apologize for technical inconveniences in the current PDF-File.

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