Mathematics for Physicists 1 (IPSP)

Winter term 2020/21

Stephan Mescher

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the lecture course will take place entirely virtually. I will offer the following digital resources:

  • A Moodle course for the lecture, in which you will find all announcements and all material like lecture notes and exercise sheets. It is very important to sign up if you want to participate.
  • Video recordings of the entire lecture published week by week on my YouTube channel.
  • Weekly virtual exercise classes, taught by Florian Bräunlich. For details see the Moodle course.
  • A virtual office hour via BigBlueButton. A time will be determined later.


See my introduction video for an overview.

Lecture notes of the whole course (PDF, 160 pages)

Additional literature

The lecture will not follow a particular textbook, but you will find the contents of the lecture in almost all undergraduate textbooks on Analysis or Linear Algebra, resp. Some examples are given in the following list.

  • Kenneth Ross, Elementary Analysis
  • Stephen Abbott, Understanding Analysis
  • Serge Lang, Undergraduate Analysis
  • Walter Rudin, Principles of Mathematical Analysis
  • Isaiah Lankham, Bruno Nachtergaele, Anne Schilling, Linear Algebra as an Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
  • (to be extended)

If you want to practice your mathematical German, the following textbooks are recommended. Books marked with an asterisk (*) can be downloaded for free via a VPN connection with the University of Leipzig, available for every student.