Some notes about our Debian Sun Ray server

This page is now in large parts obsolete. I add my notes about installing Sun Ray Server Software on Debian now to the sunray wiki.

   Update! Points 1,3,4 and 8 below are obsolete, they are now included into the Debian-Sunray guide & patches.
This are some notes about our installation of the Sun Ray Server Software (SRSS) 3.1.1 on Debian/unstable (the upcoming Etch release).
I doubt whether I would have had success without this excellent guide (and the included patches and scripts).
  1. SRSS needs an older OpenLDAP version. Install libldap-2.2-7 from Debian 3.1 "sarge" (which in turn depends on libssl0.9.7).
  2. Follow all the steps from the guide mentioned above.
  3. Init scripts: The display manager GDM should start before the Sun Ray services and stop after them:
    update-rc.d -f zsunray-init remove
    update-rc.d zsunray-init defaults 99 01
    update-rc.d -f gdm  remove
    update-rc.d gdm  defaults 21 02
  4. I had some problems getting a working X keyboard extension.
    • The SRSS X server "Xnewt" needs an old version of the xkb datasets:
      apt-get install xkb-data-legacy
    • Execute the xkbinstall-etch script from the guide mentioned above.
    • Some links and directories are missing:
      cd /opt/SUNWut/lib/xkb
      ln -s /usr/bin/xkbcomp .
      mkdir compiled
    • Activate XKB support:
      /opt/SUNWut/bin/utxconfig -a -k on
  5. Sound: I was astonished how difficult it is nowadays to set LD_PRELOAD for all user sessions.
    • Nowadays the session manager is started as a child of ssh-agent which unsets LD_PRELOAD. The /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/0100.SUNWut script does some magic to bypass this which doesn't work with Debian. So put the following line into a new file called /etc/X11/Xsession.d/51SUNWut-preload
      STARTUP="/usr/bin/env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ $STARTUP"
    • KDE has an extra twist. A while ago, KDE processes were started with the "kdeinit" wrapper. Now we have "start_kdeinit" which is a SUID-wrapper around the kdeinit wrapper. "start_kdeinit" does some magic to "prevent getting killed by bad heuristic in Linux OOM-killer" (quote from the source code), then drops root privileges and calls kdeinit. And, of course, since it is a SUID program, it drops LD_PRELOAD.
      Way out: Edit /usr/bin/startkde and replace "start_kdeinit" by "kdeinit".

  6. Debian man should find all the SRSS manpages: add the line
    MANDATORY_MANPATH                       /opt/SUNWut/man
    to /etc/manpath.config.
  7. Since we found complaints about missing /var/dt in some log files:
    mkdir /var/dt
    chmod 755 /var/dt
  8. The /opt/SUNWut/bin/utselect script doesn't work. It crashes when sort issues a warning about deprecated syntax. Please replace "sort +2nr" by "sort -nrk 2" in that script.

We provide two desktops, Gnome and KDE and did some small adjustments (not neccessarily SRSS related).



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