Online workshop 14th April 2023

Women in Mathematical Relativity

Zoom webinar link will be posted here on the day of the workshop.

Elena Giorgi (Columbia University)
Lan-Hsuan Huang (University of Connecticut)
Cécile Huneau (CNRS/École polytechnique)
Rita Teixeira da Costa (Princeton University/University of Cambridge)
Qian Wang (University of Oxford)

Talks are followed by podium discussion Support mechanisms for women interested in research careers in Mathematics with the speakers.

Location: Zoom webinar. Everybody is welcome to join!

In-person group viewings of the zoom stream will be held in:

  • Leipzig (with organizers Stefan Czimek and Dejan Gajic)
    • Raum E105 (Konferenzraum im 1. Stock)
      Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
      (Inselstrasse 22, 04104 Leipzig)
  • Hamburg (with local organizer Melanie Graf)
    • Seminarraum 1438
      (Bundesstr. 55, 20146 Hamburg)

  • Click image for large poster.

    Schedule (in CEST=UTC+2 time)

    • 14:00-14:25: Qian Wang.
      • Title: TBA
      • Abstract: TBA
    • 14:35-15:00: Cécile Huneau.
      • Title: TBA
      • Abstract: TBA
    • 15:10-15:35: Elena Giorgi.
      • Title: TBA
      • Abstract: TBA
    • 15:45-16:10: Break.
    • 16:10-16:35: Rita Teixeira da Costa.
      • Title: TBA
      • Abstract: TBA
    • 16:45-17:10: Lan-Hsuan Huang.
      • Title: Trapped Surfaces, Topology of Black Holes, and the Positive Mass Theorem.
      • Abstract: Einstein's theory of gravity has been a strong driving force for the current developments in physics and mathematics. Among its wide applications, the theory successfully describes and even predicts celestial objects that were not known to exist, such as black holes. Over the past few decades, remarkable progress using advanced techniques in geometry and analysis has been made to resolve fundamental questions in general relativity; it also leads to an astonishing realization that black holes are governed by the same mathematical principles as daily life objects, such as soap films. In this talk, we will discuss the mathematical models of black holes and their intriguing interconnections to topology and the positive mass theorem. The talk is based on the following expository article joint with Dan Lee: link
    • 17:20-18:00: Podium discussion.

    Further resources

    • International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS): homepage of Leipzig graduate school.
    • t.e.a.m. program at Uni Leipzig for female graduate students and postdocs: link


    Questions? Interested in mathematical research? Feel free to contact the organizers