Statistical Methods on Networks

26-28 September 2022 (Leipzig University)

Foto: Randy Kühn / Universität Leipzig, SUK


Networks appear in various disciplines, from physics and biology to economics and social sciences. It is therefore of interest to study statistical models for networks (potentially changing over time) and systems evolving on networks. Both questions come with their own challenges due to the complexity induced by the network. The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts from different areas of statistics to exchange ideas on how to use statistical methods on networks.


The progamme in pdf form is available here.



Everybody is welcome to attend and participation is free of charge but places are limited and registration is required: Please send an email before 10 September 2022 to


If you have any questions or queries concerning the workshop, please contact the organizers Alexander Kreiss and Artem Sapozhnikov via

Venue and Date

The workshop will be held at Leipzig University (near Augustusplatz) from 26 September till 28 September, 2022.