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Author access to the webserver/Home pages

  • A minimalistic personal page is automatically generated for everyone included in the staff list.
  • It is visible under the URL<name>.
  • You can edit this page, add a picture, publications etc. by logging in here. One example is this page.
  • You may also replace/extend this home page by something totally different.
    Access to your files on the webserver:
    • On most Linux machines (MiniPCs, miserv112, mipc130,...) your private webspace is accessible in the directory /www/<name> where <name> stands for your login name.
      (It may be necessary to use the command cd /www/<name> in a terminal window in order to activate the automounter.)
    • Via ftp to Our ftp server supports TLS, so your password and data will be encrypted during transport.
    Please remove the file named REMOVE_THIS_TO_STOP_AUTOCREATION and name your main page index.html.