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Research areas


  • Professor Dr. Bernd Herzog

    Research interests: Number theory

  • Professor Dr. Tobias Finis


    Research interests: automorphic forms, representation theory, number theory, arithmetic and profinite groups


  • Professor Dr. Matthias Günther

    Partial Differential Equations

    Research interests: partial differential equations and their applications

    Honours and awards: Invited lecture at ICM 1990 Kyoto

  • Professor Dr. Bernd Kirchheim


    Research interests: variational calculus, geometric measure theory

  • Professor Dr. László Székelyhidi

    Applied Mathematics

    Research interests: variational calculus, convex integration, partial differential equations, hydrodynamics, turbulence

    Honours and awards:

    Member of Leopoldina 2019

    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize 2018

    SIAM Analysis of PDE Prize 2013 joint with Camillo De Lellis

    Oberwolfach prize 2010

Didactics of Mathematics

  • Dipl.-Math. Felix Wlassak

    Research interests: - Übergang Schule - Hochschule
    - Aufgabenklassifikation im Fach Analysis I

Functional Analysis

  • Professorin Dr. Tatjana Eisner

    Functional Analysis

    Research interests: functional analysis and dynamical systems

  • Professor Dr. Thomas Kühn

    Research interests: functional analysis and operator theory

  • Professor Dr. Klaus-Detlef Kürsten

    Research interests: functional analysis

  • Juniorprof. Dr. Felix H. Pogorzelski


    Research interests: Dynamical systems of group actions, combinatorial convergence theorems, discrete geometry and spectral theory


  • Professorin Dr. Judith Brinkschulte

    Research interests: complex analysis and geometry; in particular $L^2$-estimates for $\overline\partial$-operators with applications to CR geometry

  • Professor Dr. Hans-Bert Rademacher

    Differential Geometry

    Research interests: (pseudo-)Riemannian geometry, Dirac operators, closed geodesics and Morse theory, topology of free loop spaces, conformal geometry, Finsler geometry

  • Professor Dr. Matthias Schwarz

    Mathematics in the Sciences

    Research interests: symplectic geometry, symplectic topology, Hamiltonian dynamical systems, global analysis, Morse theory, Floer theory

Numerical Mathematics

  • Dr. Meik Hellmund

    Research interests:

    • high temperature series expansions
    • quantum information theory.

  • Professor Dr. Peter Kunkel

    Numerics and Scientific Computations

    Research interests: numerics of differential-algebraic equations, numerics of boundary value problems

  • Juniorprof. Dr. Mira Schedensack

    Research interests: Numerik partieller Differentialgleichungen, A-Posteriori-Fehlerananlysis, adaptive Finite-Elemente-Methoden, Probleme höherer Ordnung, Partielle Differentialgleichungen aus der Mechanik, nicht-konforme Finite Elemente

Stochastics / Variational problems

  • Professor Dr. Stephan Luckhaus

    Research interests: partial differential equations, variational calculus, statistical mechanics

Mathematical Economics / Stochastics

  • Professor Dr. Bernd Fritzsche

    Research interests: matrix moment problems, stochastic processes

  • Professor Dr. Bernd Kirstein

    Research interests: matrix moment problems, stochastic processes

  • Professor Dr. Max-Konstantin von Renesse


    Research interests: Optimal Transport, Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Stochastic Processes