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misun102: compute server

With two 8/16-Core Intel Xeon E5-2667 CPUs and 256 GB RAM, misun102 can be used for more CPU- or memory-intensive applications. Log in from your MiniPC via
  ssh misun102     or
You can also start Mathematica/Maple/Matlab directly on misun102 from your Minipc using
      ssh misun102 mathematica -mesa
      ssh misun102 xmaple
      ssh misun102 matlab    

WebPrint - Upload files to the Institute's printers

Click the WebPrint link in the left column in order to upload PDF files to the printers p1,p2, etc.

Laptops & WLAN

  • The university WLAN is managed by the URZ (university's IT center). You can apply for accounts here, installation instructions are here.
  • For a network connection via cable, give us the MAC address of the ethernet card of your computer.

Single sign-on

Our Institute's user management is based on LDAP with the aim of "single sign-on": One username and one password for all central services. The one and only way to change your central password is this web interface. Presently, we use LDAP for
  • Mail access (IMAP and POP3 server, webmailer)
  • Login to several Linux machines like miserv112, misun214,...
  • FTP access to your homepages
  • Access to your "Netzlaufwerk" (backup drive) from Windows
  • Access to password-protected web pages (Fakultätsrat)
  • Login to MiniPCs.
  • Adding entries to our Web calendar or to the "News" section of our homepage.

miserv112: printserver & gateway

Use this server to log into the institute's network from outside:
ssh   or
The private web sites are accessible under /www/<username>.
File transfer from the outside is possible using sftp or scp.

VPN and WebVPN

VPN (virtual private network) allows you to access the internet from home via the university network. For the outside world, your computer appears as if it belongs to the university network.

This allows, e.g., access to online journals licensed for our university network.

Go to for WebVPN. (Use your university account including the part.)

From this address you can download and install the AnyConnect Client for a full VPN solution.

We have our own WebVPN proxy solution here! Click and use login and password from our institute.