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Selected topics for Diplom thesises

  • Linearization of Stefan Problems
  • The Equations Modelling Hydraulic Watershed
  • Exponential Growth for Hutchinson's Equation in Population Dynamics
  • An Algorithm for the Mumford Shah Functional
  • Edge Detection by Quadratic Filters
  • Comparison of Fletcher Reeves and Newton Methods in Filtration Flow
  • A Singular Boundary Value Problem to Model Water Uptake in Roots
  • Convergence of a Nonisothermal Ising Model with Kac Potentials to the Mean Field Limit
  • Eine Implementierung des χ-WertesA crystallization law for polymers
  • The Modelling and Optimization of Scheduling of Production Jobs at FLORENA
  • Disposition of trains in case of incidential imbalance.
  • Eine Implementierung des χ-Wertes

Selected topics for PhD thesises supervised

  • Boundary Value Problems for Scalar Conservation Laws
  • Existence of Rotating Drops, Anisotropic Mean Curvature Flow
  • Nonlinear Filters in Image Reconstruction
  • The Interflow in Thin Soil Layers
  • Cahn Allen Equations Coupled to Navier Stokes Equations
  • Double Porosity Homogenization and the Water Uptake of Plants.
  • Hybrid Finite Element - Finite Volume Method for Quasilinear Elliptic-Parabolic Differential Equations
  • A Coupled System of the Reynold´s k-E and Scalars Concentrations Equations
  • The Mathematical Problems Connected with the Modeling of the Sphalerit Disease
  • Periodic and Homoclinic Motions in Infinite Lattices