The aim of the conference is to bring together experts from fluid dynamics and the calculus of variations. Fluid dynamics inherently involves transport and dissipation phenomena.

Nevertheless, techniques that have been developed in the context of the calculus of variations have on several occasions proved to be very successful: the Scheffer-CKN partial regularity theory originates from geometric measure theory and minimal surface regularity; the generalized flow of Brenier finds its origin in the theory of Young measures and the Monge-Kantorovich displacement problem; Baire category techniques for existence were first used for variational problems from material science.

Our hope is that in Leipzig, building on the tradition of Leon Lichtenstein, this conference will result in further synergies and a flow of ideas in both directions.

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Invited Speakers

G. Alberti (Pisa)

L. Ambrosio (Pisa)

K. Astala (Helsinki)

C. Bardos (Paris)

S. Bianchini (Trieste)

Y. Brenier (Paris)

P. Constantin (Princeton)

S. Conti (Bonn)

D. Córdoba (Madrid)

C. De Lellis (Zürich)

C. Doering (Michigan)

T. Iwaniec (Syracuse)

S. Kuksin (Paris)

G. Seregin (Oxford)

A. Shnirelman (Montreal)

E. Titi (Irvine & Rehovot)

G. Weiss (Düsseldorf)


Scientific Organizers: Bernd Kirchheim, Felix Otto and László Székelyhidi
Local Organizer: Tristan Buckmaster


Limited funding will be made available for travel and accommodation expenses for young researchers. For for more details consult the registration page.


For further information regarding the International Conference on Fluids And Variational Methods please email to

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