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Summer 18

Exercises for Algebra II (Prof. J. S. Wilson)

Winter 17 / 18

Exercises for Algebraic Topology (PD Dr. C. Diem)

Summer 17

Exercises for Algebra II (PD Dr. C. Diem)

Winter 16 / 17

Exercises for Algebra I (Prof. J. S. Wilson)

Summer 16

Exercises for Linear Algebra II (Prof. T. Finis)

Winter 15 / 16

Exercises for Linear Algebra I (Prof. T. Finis)


[1] The Crystal Structures of Pb5 Sb4 S11 (Boulangerite) – A Phase Transition Explains Seemingly Contradictory Structure Models
P. Schultz, F. Nietschke, G. Wagner, C. Eikemeier, L. Eisenburger, O. Oeckler
Z. anorg. allg. Chem. 2017, 643, in print.