Zeitschrift für Analysis und ihre Anwendungen
Journal of Analysis and its Applications

Mailing Address: Universität Leipzig
Mathematisches Institut
ZAA - Redaktion
Postfach 10 09 20
04009 Leipzig


Aims and Scope
  • The Journal of Analysis and its Applications aims at disseminating theoretical knowledge in the field of analysis and, at the same time, cultivating and extending its applications. To this end, it publishes research articles on differential equations, functional analysis and operator theory, notably with applications to mechanics, physics, engineering and other disciplines of the exact sciences.

Managing Editors
  • J. Appell (Mathematical Institute, Würzburg University, Germany)
    rehtn├╝G .M (Mathematical Institute, Leipzig University, Germany)
    suahkcuL .S (Mathematical Institute, Leipzig University, Germany)

Technical Editor
  • lettiG .P-.H (Mathematical Institute, Leipzig University, Germany)

Editorial Board
  • P. Drábek (Pilsen), J. Frehse (Bonn), M. Frigon (Montreal), R. P. Gilbert (Newark), H. Freistühler (Konstanz), H. Ishii (Waseda), S. Jiang (Beijing), R. Klötzler (Leipzig), P.-L. Lions (Paris), T.-P. Liu (Stanford), K. Masuda (Tokyo), J. Mawhin (Louvain-la-Neuve), V. G. Maz'ya (Linköping/Liverpool), U. Mosco (Worcester), S. Müller (Bonn), S. Reich (Haifa), S. Rolewicz (Warsaw), C. Sbordone (Napoli), D. Serre (Lyon), B. Sandstede (Surrey), V. Totik (Szeged), H. Triebel (Jena), L. Truskinovski (Palaiseau), W. Tutschke (Graz), A. E. Tzavaras (Heraklion), G. M. Vainikko (Tartu), K. R. Zumbrun (Bloomington)

  • One volume per year with 4 issues.

  • The journal is available from European Mathematical Society Publishing House.
  • The annual subscription rate is 190 € (online only) or 230 € (print+online), respectively. The online subscription includes access to the electronic version from IP addresses provided by the customer. The print and online subscription comprises one copy of the print version (postage and handling included) and access to the electronic version from IP addresses provided by the customer. 

Submission of Papers
  • We appreciate papers being written in English, in exceptional cases in French or German. In order to get accepted for publication a paper should be a new and significant contribution to mathematics within the scope of this journal. Upon submission, authors should indicate a member of the Editorial Board close to the topic of the paper. With the acceptance of a paper for publication all rights related to the reproduction pass to the Journal.
  • Papers are expected to be written in LaTEX using the ZAA class file and usually not to exceed 20 pages.
  • We prefer electronic submission of a manuscript. In this case a PostScript, PDF, DVI or TEX file should be sent via e-mail to ed.gizpiel-inu.htam@aaz.
  • As an exception, one hardcopy of the paper could be supplied to

    • ZAA – Editorial Office
      Mathematical Institute
      Leipzig University
      Postfach 10 09 20
      04009 Leipzig

    or to any of the Managing Editors.
  • No page charge is made. A total of 30 reprints of each contribution will be send to the corresponding author free of charge.

Guidelines for Authors
  • A manuscript should be well and clearly written. In order to avoid unnecessary difficulties or delay in printing, authors are strongly encouraged to follow the instructions and to use our LaTEX class file. The standard LaTEX and AMS-LaTEX constructions should be used for formatting. The use of self-made macro definitions is strongly discouraged.

    A short description in Postscript and PDF format and a template file are available. The files are also available as tar and zip archive.

    Please submit your manuscript as one LaTEX file, not splitted in several files.