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Author access to the webserver

Write access to the webserver is possible
  • Via ftp to Our ftp server supports TLS, so your password and data will be encrypted during transport.
  • On most Linux machines (MiniPCs, SunRays, miserv112, mipc130,...) your private webspace is accessible in the directory /www/<name> where <name> stands for your login name.
    (It may be necessary to use the command cd /www/<name> in a terminal window in order to activate the automounter.)
The personal homepages are visible under<name>. The main page must be named "index.html".
A minimalistic personal page is automatically generated for everyone included in the staff list. It looks like this one. You may replace it by something completely different or modify it. In both cases, please remove the file named REMOVE_THIS_TO_STOP_AUTOCREATION.