Professor Dr. Matthias Schwarz - Mathematical Physics

International Master Program Mathematical Physics

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Math Modules in the Winter Semester 2022/23

Module No. Module Title contained/alternative Courses/Seminars
(with Moodle Link)
10-MAT-MPDS2 Advanced Theory of Dynamical Systems Advanced Th. of Dynamical Systems Prof. Matthias Schwarz
10-MAT-MPAN2 Advanced Analysis II Advanced Partial Differential Equations Dr. Dominik Inauen
10-MAT-MPHSG New Developments in Geometry (Seminar) Prof. Hans-Bert Rademacher
10-MAT-MPSP2 Stochastics Processes II Stochastics Processes II Prof. Max v. Renesse
10-MAT-MPSTAN Selected Topics in Analysis Topics in Mathematical Relativity (lecture)
Current Problems in Mathematical Relativity (seminar)
Prof. Dr. S. Czimek
10-MAT-MPDG2 Advanced Differential Geometry II Advanced Differential Geometry II< Dr. Sebastian Boldt

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